Double Eyelid Surgery Encino

Double eyelid surgery reshapes the skin surrounding the eye and creates a crease in the skin above the eye. This surgery is also called East Asian Blepharoplasty since it was designed for persons of Asian ethnicity.

Patients with Japanese, Chinese and Korean descent have eyes that are more oval shaped. Some have creases in their eyelids, while others do not. The placement of a crease during surgery is different for everyone and determined through consultations.


Eyesthetica doctors work to retain a person’s natural appearance. The goal is to enhance the physical look while preventing future drooping and sagging issues.

Recovery varies for each patient, but is normally minimal and does not lead to bruising. Going through double eyelid surgery will offer you a refreshed appearance and boost your confidence.

People in certain professions are most successful when they achieve a specific look and surgery may be the best option.

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double eyelid surgery encino



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