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When a patient’s skin around the eye begins drooping, a good treatment option to consider is an eye lift. It is a safe procedure that is relatively painless and is considered the treatment of choice.

Drooping skin causes an individual to look tired, aged and can cause vision issues. The skin on the eyelid is delicate, so solving the problem requires special surgical procedures.


Common conditions that may lead to an eye lift include, eyelid wrinkling, hooding of the upper eyelid, under-eye hallows, bags and puffiness. Eyesthetica plastic surgeons in Encino answer all concerns from patients and ensure that a person fully understands the process of each treatment.

When working with the lower eyelid, the incision is made as close to the outer edge of the eyelid as possible. The incision for an eye lift through the upper eyelid often made in the crease. All incisions are minimal and bruising is reduced while recovering.

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eye lift encino

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