Ptosis Encino

Eyelid ptosis is a condition that occurs when the upper eyelid begins to descend or droop. This can happen due to gravity, age, congenital defect, or disease. But whatever the cause, the upper eyelid can approach or even cover a patient’s pupil, obscuring vision.

There are three different categories of ptosis: minimal denotes a position of 1 to 2 mm, moderate is a position of 2 to 4 mm, severe, a position at or above 4 mm.


The severity of this condition dictates correction procedures. Our Santa Monica surgical team can correct minimal ptosis through procedures such as a simple adjustment inside the upper eyelid. There are other additional corrective techniques available.

Moderate amounts of ptosis usually require surgery performed through the upper eyelid skin, known as the Levator Aponeurotic advancement procedure.

Severe ptosis necessitates either maximum Levator advancement or a frontalis suspension, a procedure that elevates upper eyelids through suspension of the lids to the eyebrows, using either the patient’s own tissue or silicone rods.

Ptosis Encino



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