Facial Rejuvenation Encino

Facial rejuvenation can help you look more youthful and energetic, which improves your mood and boosts confidence levels. Procedures available through Eyesthetica in Encino include brow lifts and forehead rejuvenation.

Surgeons typically perform a direct brow lift or a trans-blepharoplasty. The first option includes making the incision behind the hairline in order to reduce the visibility and encourage a more natural look.


Facial rejuvenation eliminates wrinkles and signs of aging. Women are often sensitive to common signs of growing older and more so if they begin aging prematurely. The incision is either placed near the edge of the hairline or within the hairline. Eyesthetica surgeons are highly educated and experienced to reach a desirable outcome without scarring.

No matter what rejuvenation treatment you need, the team of doctors at Eyesthetica will meet in an initial consultation. This will include discussing reasons why you need a treatment, goals, concerns and different options available. Recovery from any treatment will include remaining out of the sun for a period of time and resting.

Encino Facial Rejuvenation


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