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The Eyesthetica team at Tarzana is proud to utilize their extensive expertise as ophthalmologists to provide the most resounding and exceptional level of care in the area.  Our team is composed of experienced professionals whose surgical skills are certified by the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOP).

Every patient that sees us is treated with the most utmost attention and consideration for their specific needs.  A number of procedures fall under the specializations of Tarzana ophthalmologist Dr. David Samimi, these include Asian blepharoplasty, tumor surgery, eyelid ptosis, tearing issues, eyelid retraction, and additional conditions that may be mild or severe.

Long-term exposure to the sun can create skin problems and conditions that require surgery.  Sun damage can affect your eye’s sensitivity to light.  Our dedicated professionals can help you recover your natural look and reduce the effects of sun damage.

Patients will receive recovery instructions prior to any procedure.   We will ensure you receive the results you expect during the treatment and after.  Dr. Samimi and his team look forward to addressing any additional questions you may have.

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