Ophthalmologist Encino

Eyesthetica in Encino offers the best team of ophthalmologists who are also highly revered by their peers. They are knowledgeable to the needs within the community and highly trained to work with patients of any ethnicity.

Special attention is given to every patient in order to deliver the recommended and desired outcome. Dr. Samimi offers different eye and eye lid procedures, including Asian blepharoplasty, surgery for tumors, eyelid ptosis, tearing issues, eyelid retraction and other conditions that range from mild to severe.

People who remain out in the sun for prolonged periods of time are at risk for developing eye and skin conditions that often result in surgery. Sun damage can lead to tearing problems that may make your eyes more sensitive to light.

All procedures are confidential and specific instructions for recovery are discussed prior to a treatment or surgery. The steps in a procedure are important, but recovery is key to ensuring additional treatments or surgery is not required.

Always consult with an ophthalmologist if you have questions.

Ophthalmologist Encino

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